Europemobile Business-Terms

State: 29.02.2024

Attention: We ask for an order confirmation with a delivery date within 48 hours of receipt of the order. We only accept new cars with no mileage, original COC document and no registration. Alternatively and after individual approval from Europemobile, it is also possible with one-day registration (max. 5 days and max. 1 registration) and original registration certificate. Part I+II+Mark. The cars are handed over with a handover service. When picked up, the vehicles must be cleaned and handed over to our freight forwarder. In the event of legal disputes, Europemobile represents both your own rights in court and the rights of the end user. In the event of exchange rate changes, Europemobile can decide at any time whether to transfer in euros (the rate applies on the day of the order) or in the supplier's respective national currency. The contract language is German. Vehicle documents must be received free of charge by Europemobile a maximum of 1 week after receipt of payment (otherwise the supplier will be charged EUR 75 per day and a contractual penalty per car). German law applies to this contract, excluding the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. The place of jurisdiction is Munich. The managing directors and shareholders of the supplier are personally liable to Europemobile GmbH for payments made. The supplier undertakes to deliver no later than 6 weeks (grace period) after a non-binding delivery date. If no appointment has been agreed, the longest delivery time is 10 months, a fixed date. If delivery is not made within this period, the seller undertakes to pay a contractual penalty of 12.5% ​​of the purchase price to Europemobile GmbH. Further claims remain reserved. The supplier grants Europemobile a price guarantee. In any case, these terms and conditions are included as an integral part of the purchase contract and are considered a fundamental condition for the order, even if the seller submits his own purchase contract with his own terms and conditions for signature upon our order. This means that our general terms and conditions are included as a condition for a valid purchase contract and our general terms and conditions and clauses take precedence over the supplier's general terms and conditions and contracts.